Mobile Applications

Native or hybrid mobile apps based on the latest standardized technologies: Kotlin, React Native, Swift

At MountDevs, we specialize in creating both native and hybrid mobile applications. Regardless of the type of application you need, we guarantee the highest quality tailored to the unique needs of your business. We offer a comprehensive approach, allowing you to choose a solution perfectly matched to your goals and expectations. You have the idea - we have the solution!

Professional services

Mobile Applications

MountDevs is a team of experienced programmers and designers ready to bring your mobile app vision to life. Our professional approach includes not only coding but also detailed analysis, quality testing, and continuous optimization. We deliver products that exceed user expectations. We carefully assess the individual needs of each mobile app project to recommend the safest, scalable, and flexible development tools. We build mobile applications for both Android and iOS, simultaneously creating desktop and web versions of the mobile app.
Android Java, Kotlin
Among the largest users of Kotlin are companies like Google, Pinterest, Amazon Web Services, Netflix, and many more. Google chose it as the official programming language for creating mobile apps on the Android platform.
IOS Swift
This is the universal programming language for all Apple platforms. If you prioritize the speed of mobile app operation and access to a wide range of tools and functionalities of native systems, Swift may be the better choice.
React Native
React Native is a proven, open-source technology for creating various types of mobile applications, covering both native and cross-platform systems. Its main advantage is the ability to simultaneously create apps for both Android and iOS using the same code. Currently, React Native is gaining increasing popularity - Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Uber Eats have been built using this technology.

Creating a Project with MountDevs - Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive IT solutions
We provide a full range of services covering the entire process of mobile app development: from design and product building to implementation and post-launch support.
Personalized proposal
Our team focuses on fully understanding your needs, allowing us to deliver custom, efficient, and above all, unique solutions. We work on the project with passion, paying attention to every detail to make your mobile app stand out in the market.
Extensive experience
We have gained valuable experience by implementing many projects on the Polish and foreign markets, providing web applications and other IT solutions to clients from various industries. See our portfolio for details.

The process of creating mobile applications

How We Create Mobile Applications

The process of creating mobile applications at MountDevs ensures transparency and an advanced approach. We start with a thorough analysis of requirements, then move on to interface design, coding, testing, and deployment. Our methodology is based on modern industry trends, ensuring project efficiency and scalability. With regular updates and post-sales support, your application will remain competitive.

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